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The staff at St Thomas More favour a positive approach to behaviour modification by using a variety of reinforcers rather than developing a more punitive approach.

As our school is populated by people all with their own uniqueness, it is important that stakeholders understand and accept just what is considered to be appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, based on commonly accepted rights, responsibilities, social morals and our Catholic heritage and beliefs.

As a staff, we follow consistent practices and procedures throughout the school in order to support the students of St Thomas More academically, socially and emotionally. In compliance with the Education Act NSW Corporal Punishment is prohibited at this school.

The St Thomas More school community have agreed to the following school rules…

  • Respect Yourself
  • Respect Others
  • Respect our School Environment
  • Be Safe

Our Behaviour Management Policy is not only based on our school rules but also the rights and responsibilities of every member of the school community. The rights of each member of the St Thomas More Catholic Parish Primary School community – children, staff and parents are to be respected.  In order to realise these rights, each person must be aware of his/her responsibilities.

  • A RIGHT is something to which a person is entitled
  • A RESPONSIBILITY is something for which a person is accountable