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St Thomas More Primary School is fortunate to have a Learning Support Centre as part of its facilities.

Positive self-image and purposeful integration are the key components of the philosophy of the school’s Learning Support Program.

A full time Learning Support Teacher and part-time School Assistant staff have duties to oversee and organise this program.

Students attending St Thomas More Learning Support Centre belong to a home classroom, and attend the Centre for Learning facilities for an individual program in literacy, numeracy and personal development.

They join their home class for Sport, Excursions and Assemblies.

Students with special education needs have the opportunity to receive the cohort report with the addition of other specific reports, which indicate progress, and achievement of the stage outcomes that the student was working towards.  This may include the Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Parents attend an IEP meeting each semester to review their child’s progress and plan for future learning if their child receives special education support.