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Assessment and Reporting

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As a child’s learning is enhanced through the co-operative partnership between parents, teachers and students, you will receive regular information on the progress of your child.


  • regular ongoing assessment experiences
  • a variety of assessment experiences
  • students knowing what is expected of them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding
  • collaborative planning and consistent judgments by teachers.


  • formal and informal opportunities to discuss each child’s learning
  • written reports, issued twice a year, as one of the many ways that are used to communicate information about each child’s progress.  They will: 
  • be followed by an opportunity to discuss each child’s progress
  • be presented in plain language
  • provide information on what each child is able to do in each key learning area and identify some areas where they may need help
  • include a comparison of each child’s achievement against state-wide syllabus standards using common grade scale A to E
  • include a teacher’s comment about each child’s specific achievements and provide information about your child’s social development and commitment to learning
  • the availability, upon request, of a distribution table that will illustrate each child’s achievement in comparison with the rest of their year group.