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St Thomas More School was established in 1978 as a result of intense lobbying from parents seeking a Catholic education for their children.

With the establishment of the suburbs of Ruse and Airds during the 1970’s, the population of Campbelltown grew dramatically and the then local Parish School of   St John’s was unable to offer places to all those Catholic families seeking enrolment for their children.  Many parents seeking enrolment for their children in a Catholic school were faced with frustration and disappointment.

A meeting of concerned parents was held during 1977 to pursue ways in which to overcome this problem.  As a result of the perseverance of parents, a parcel of land owned by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan was made available.

During the latter part of 1977 the land was surveyed and working bees began in earnest to prepare the land for the arrival of demountable buildings. 

Parents finished their daily work and arrived at night to dig the trenches and lay the foundations for the new school.   Having already completed a full day’s work, these men and women were famished and dinner was prepared and brought down to them by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in the local convent.  The Sisters extended their hospitality for many months and many friendships were formed.

The demountable building arrived only days prior to the children’s first day of school in February 1978 and Miss Penny Shaw was appointed as teaching Principal.

The first stage of St Thomas More School was officially blessed and Opened on 3 December 1978.