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square St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is a Catholic systemic co-educational school located in Ruse. The school caters for students in Years K-6 in a two-stream configuration and has a current enrolment of 370.

The school is located in the Parish of Ruse and is under the direction of the Catholic Education Office, Wollongong. St Thomas More traditions have been enriched from the foundational charisms of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and the Marist Brothers. The school endeavours to cater for the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, behavioural and physical education of all.

St Thomas More has 14 mixed ability classes and a Learning Support Centre, which supports the needs of students with an identified learning disability. As a Parish School, it is intended that the spiritual growth and welfare of the students be carefully integrated within a needs-based education, which is a shared responsibility of the Parish Priest, Principal, Staff and Parents.

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School promotes stewardship by valuing, respecting and encouraging the unique gifts of every person. The school places a strong emphasis on building resilience and operates successful Pastoral Care and Buddy programs.

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is committed to the creation of contemporary and future-oriented learning programs, where educational excellence is encouraged, by providing a relevant, stimulating and challenging curriculum that incorporates the use of learning technologies. The students are able to access laptops, ipads, online resources and state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard technology which supplement and enhance innovative teaching and learning programs.

Students are given many opportunities: academic, sporting, religious and cultural, to discover and make the most of their talents and they regularly participate in Diocesan and local community events. St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is a school where students, staff, parents and Parish Priest work and celebrate together in a spirit of true partnership.